Video to DVD-R Recording Service

Scuba Tech Inc. Video Productions is now offering a new recording service.  The recent technology advances in DVD recording has made this high quality, convenient, and durable video format affordable for single or small quantity copies of video programming.    DVD-R has been around since about 1998  but until October 2001, the process has been very expensive, time consuming, and the final results not very compatible with most DVD players being sold at that time.
At Scuba Tech Inc. we have been keeping a keen eye on this technology for some time and decided not to offer this service until we felt it was affordable, reliable, and high quality.


DVD has always been considered high quality, bringing a video image on par with our high end betacam SP broadcast video tape masters.  The audio, being digital, is crisp and distortion free, like music CD's.  DVD-R is the same quality as the video movies on DVD many of you are familiar with.

Convenient and Durable

DVD-R offers the consumer a video format that will play easily in a DVD player with title program access via the remote control.  No fast forwarding, or rewinding,  just click on a program in the menu and watch instantly.  The disk stores in a CD like jewel case creating a much smaller need for shelf space than VHS tape library.  The DVD-R does not age like VHS tapes.  You can play the DVD-R over and over without risk of wearing out a tape.  No fear of accidentally erasing the disk.  No dirty heads to clean. No fear of "my meachine ate my tape" ever again.


DVD-R is compatible with nearly all of today's DVD players being sold.  It is highly unlikely that you will find a new DVD player on the shelf in stores today that does not comply with the DVD-R standard.  However, DVD has been popular for several years now and in the early stages of development, the technology has evolved through several types of laser technologies and because of this some of the older DVD Players did not conform to today's laser standard.  While these earlier DVD players were not cheap, they, unfortunately did not contain the standard that is required to read DVD-R disks.
We have compiled a list of players that have been reported to manufacturers as NOT being compatible with DVD-R.  This list is not tested, rather it is just a compilation of user feedback, so it may not be complete or accurate but should only be used as a guide for player selection when considering purchasing.
DVD Players reported to NOT recognize DVD-R
Aiwa XDD370;
Afreey LD2060;
Apex AD5OOA & A0600A;
Denon 1000, 1500;
Gateway computer DVD Players
Go! Video DVS3OOO & DVR5OOO;
Hitachi GD3OOO, GD5OOO, GVD305;
JVC XV5OI, XV5233, XV1000, XVD701;
Kenwood DV402, DV403; KLH1OOO;
Memorex MVD2026;
Mitsubishi DD2OOO, DD3OOO, DD4OO1;
Panasonic A110, A120, CV50;
Phillips 701,711, 170,400,405,751, 825AT, 850, 950;
RCA RC5910;
Sampo DVE52O;
Samsung 839, 709/XAA, 739, C600;
Sony S300,S3000TP, S77OOOTP, S3000, S7000,V30;
Sylvania DVL 100A, DVL1OOO;
Toshiba SD2006, SD2107U, SD21O8U. SD21OO, SD3006. SD3107,SD3109, SD5109. SD6109C,SD9000;
X-Wave B171-L90;
Yamaha C9000;
Zenith 1Q2300.
For more information please refer to the several web sites that specialize in this issue such as:
If your DVD player is on this list, it is likely that it will not recognize the DVD-R format.  Scuba Tech Inc. recommends that you investigate a newer DVD player that does conform to the DVD-R standard as it will offer you many new features and enjoyment of having the ability to play DVD-R recordings.  The good news is that new DVD players don't cost a lot now.  Compatible DVD-R and DVD players sell for as little as $100 in the stores and offer equal picture and sound quality as most of the "Not Compatible" players listed above.  We also recommend that when you purchase a new DVD player you verify with the salesman that it does conform to DVD-R standard.

Scuba Tech Inc. DVD-R Product Offerings:

Scuba Tech Inc. is now making available our Video Cave Maps™ in DVD-R format.  This is the complete package with video program edited just like the VHS version but is in DVD-R.   Order it here or ask for them at your favorite
Video Cave Map™ retailer.

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