The American Angler, starring Jack deBord has been seen across the United States for the past 17 years. Originally the show was called the Midwest Angler when it was produced from the state of Indiana. Now, Jack is a Florida resident and spends most of his time fishing the lakes in south Florida such as Istakpoga and Lake Okeechobee. Residing in St. Johns county, Jack's favorite fishing in salt water is off shore St. Augustine from his own Bertram fishing boat.

In the Spring of 1997, Jack joined forces with Scuba Tech Video Productions to bring his show to the many fans through the Sunshine Network. In the Summer of '97, Scuba Tech rebuilt 13 more episodes for local airing on ABC affiliate, WJXX 25 and WBSG 21 in Jacksonville, Florida and Brunswick, Ga. for the shows normal off season. The show is planning to return to national network airings once again in the Spring of '98.

The American Angler is shot on Betacam SP by Rodney Lambert of Wildcam Productions. Rodney has many years of experience specializing in shooting fishing television shows.

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