At Scuba Tech Inc. video tape duplication is a daily activity. We have 10 SVHS duplicator decks. Our decks are fed from a variety of sources to permit duplication from most of the popular video formats. Each source is time base corrected and monitored with a waveform and vectorscope for exacting specifications. Audio is processed through a variety of equalizers and volume levelers for superb stereo sound. Our distribution system is Y/C capable allowing the highest video quality permitted with VHS, especially when sourced from component betacam SP masters.
Additionally, we are capable of performing minor editing in our duplication rack, a feature many duplication houses are incapable of doing. In this process we can perform simple butt edits between split masters because our duplicators are equipped with rotary erase heads and can be cued up from frame accurate locations. No rainbow glitch or snowy burst where these junctions or edits occur. We can feed the video sources through a non-linear editor and add simple graphics and titles in the duplication process. This is popular with producers wishing to send out a screener tape with the words "SCREENER" added to the copies.
Split masters without a trace of the edit point? No need for fades where the masters are split. Not a problem here. We have two betacam SP feeder decks that are controlled by an edit controller. The decks may be switched frame accurately for a seamless junction between a two master sourced program. This allows us to duplicate T-160's with a continuous non-stop program from 2 betacam SP 90 minute masters.
We also now source directly from our non-linear editor for quick multiple VHS copies from a video edit project before we on-line the master tape. This is popular with some of our post clients when they need several VHS copies of an edit session "in progress" for supervisory approval.

Duplication Operation



No video is complete without proper labeling. We can provide custom page layouts duplicated with simple laser printed avery style through full color photographic quality full page slip covers and avery stick ons. Page layouts and label designs are priced as a service separately, however simple cassette avery label layouts for laser printed labels are included with the price of cassette labeling. We can capture stills from your video to print on the label which makes for a fine looking product.

Packaging and Fullfillment
We can supply a variety of cassette packages depending on your needs. We also do shrink wrapping. Shipping is usually through UPS, however we can also handle your shipment via US Mail as well as Fed EX. Shipping charges are added to the invoice. We make every attempt to find the best, safest, lowest cost way to ship your videos for a timely arrival. Turn around time is fast at Scuba Tech Inc. We carry a sizeable inventory of the most popular tapes and supplies, however, our suppliers are only overnight UPS away should we need to special order your requirements.

We price our video duplication separately from the video tape stock as a service. We add to the service cost the tape stock price depending on your choice of grade and quality. Then, we add any costs of labeling and packaging you wish. To simplify this price structure it is best to contact us for a quote on your duplication job based on your unique requirements. Since Scuba Tech Inc. specializes in short run duplications we are most competitive in this area. E-mail Contact us for a quote!

If you would like more information regarding our rates for the various duplication services pleaseE-mail or fax (904-733-6146) your request on company letterhead and we will be in contact.

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