EFP / ENG Production Services
Don Landis, camera owner/operator/Director of Photography

General Notes:
We book all shooting jobs on a reservation basis, first come, first serve. New clients are encouraged to place a deposit of 50% to book the first day, All major credit cards accepted. 24 hour cancellation refundable. Multi-day discounts are available. Tape stock is sold separately or you can supply your own. We shoot ONLY betacam SP, DVCAM or Hi8 formats. Tape swap also encouraged. We carry both Grade A Evaluation betacam SP 30’s as well as New betacam SP 30’s at all times. Tapes are delivered on final payment of bill unless you have established an account with Scuba Tech Inc. Travel costs for our Minivan are added for all shooting outside Duval County, Florida at $.32 per mile. Rates are based on an 8 hour full day, or 4 hour half day, starting at first location.

ENG Package
$500 per day $350 per half day $150 per hour OT rate
Our field video production services centers around a Sony DXC-637 and PVV-3 or BVV5 betacam SP camcorder or DSR-1 DVCAM dockable recorder. The lens is a 17X Canon with a doubler and Fujinon 0.7X wide angle adapter. The camcorder is equipped with dual NP1B battery holsters as well as an NRG battery belt. Both Sony stock shotgun mic and a Sennheiser ME-66 shotgun is available for superb audio ENG recording. In addition, two Sony wireless WRR-810 systems are available with both ECM-77 omni and ECM-66 cardiod microphones. Also available is a handheld wireless VHF microphone for man-on-the-street style interviewing. A camera mounted dual soft light is also available. The tripod is a Manfrotto single stage with a Vinten 12SD head. The DXC-637 is rated at 800 lines and 63db S/N with a Hyper HAD 3 CCD pickup. It has up to 36 db gain for near night vision sensitivity. The PVV-3 is rated at 4.5 Mhz bandwidth and is powered by 2- NP1B batteries for up to an hour of record time per battery set. 10 NP1B’s available. The DVCAM format allows up to 184 minutes of continuous recording on one tape with full color playback in the field. We have been cutting the Jacksonville TV Shopper and the newest Home Business Journal, national infomercial using DVCAM. The producers love it's field features and the quality. To preserve the DVCAM quality through editing we have been using the Fast DPR at 3:1 compression ratio for equal to betacam quality in the finished master.

EFP Packages
$650 per day $375 per half day $150 per hour OT rate
add a second camera with sticks lock down shoot for $100 extra per program or $200 per day.
Add a Grip/set designer/program director for $200/day.
In addition to the above ENG kit we have a fully equipped field production inventory to handle very demanding field production. The following inventory is included as needed for your project. We carry this inventory in our1996 Plymouth Voyager minivan.
EFP 2 person road crew:  Travel by road.  Includes all local EFP standard equipment PLUS, Grip/set designer/director and includes all travel expenses for East of the Mississippi location shooting (2000 miles round trip).  $1500 per day with a two day minimum per area.
Contact us for specific quote for your road trip project.
EFP available inventory:
• Camera 1:  DXC-637 with PVV-3 or BVV-5 and 16x Fuji Lens with Vinten 12SD head/ 1 stage tripod
• Camera 2:  DXC-637 with DVCAM DSR-1 with Canon 17X lens with matte box for filters.
• Camera 3:  PD100 DVCAM with wide angle lens to get DVCAM quality in small places
• Tripod dolly (5" wheels) • Fujinon 0.7X wide angle adapter
• Century Precision doubler gives 34 power telephoto
• Polaroid filter, Soft FX #3 filter
• Remote Focus and zoom control for the Canon Lens
• JVC TM-900SU field monitor, Sony 8020 or 8044Q with WFM/VS field monitor,  all battery powered
• Power with 20 NP-1B, NRG Battery Belt, or 120 volt AC Power supply available.
• Remote controlled pan tilt servo head for second camera
• Shure M367 mixer, 2-ECM 44 lavieliers, 1-ECM-66 lavielier
• Nady Handheld wireless transmitter with microphone(for newsperson style interviewing)
• 3 Sony UHF wireless system with ECM-66 Cardioid or ECM-77 Omni Lavielier Microphones plus Sony UHF HT with flag
• 1 UHF Samson diversity with ECM-44 mic.
• 2 Nady VHF wireless system with Nady Lavielier microphone
• 2- matching Norelco cardioid condenser stick mics
• 1 Shotgun Sennheiser ME-66 mic with Zep system and fur cover, with 12 foot reach pole
• Assorted microphone Stands; shock mounts, and sound blankets
• Sony Portable DAT recorder dockable to the PVV-3 betacam SP recorder
• RE-20 EV Voice Dynamic VO announcer microphone with floor stand
• Cables: 2-50 foot XLR, 2-25 foot XLR, 2-15 foot XLR, Misc adapters and unbalanced cables
• 4- Dedo light kit with dimmer can and gobos, scrims, creative gels
• 4- 1000 watt lights, 1 w 2’x 2’soft box and 3 with barn doors, stands, and dimmers.
• 2 - 1000 watt Tota lights with white and silver umbrellas
• 1 Camera mount NRG dual soft light 55 watt powered with battery belt
• 9’X9’ backdrop in black or chroma key blue screen with stands
• flex reflector silver/gold 3’ and 5 ft. diameter • white cards for reflectors
• light screening blanket Misc. Grip and Specialty EFP Accessories
• 6" Hi Hat • Bogen 310 Fluid head
• Pneumatic tire dolly for equipment transport
• Radio Shack 2 way wireless communications headgear
• Assorted misc. grip equipment, C-stands, Flags,  cables, gels, sand bags, extension cords etc
Specialty Equipment Available* (not normally carried in van, notification required to bring along)
• 13 inch teleprompter, computer notebook driven. requires prompter operator
• Second Camera: 3 tube studio style with betacam Y,R-Y,B-Y output(Sharp XC B10) with tripod
• Custom built Jib Arm 12inches to 10 feet high. • 2’ x 2’ Tracked dolly with 20 ft. straight track in 5 ft. sections
• AG7450 SVHS portable recorder • UVW-1800 betacam SP recorder
• UVW-1200 betacam player
• SRM-100 jog-shuttle remote control for UVW’s
• 13 inch TV with VCR • VO-9850 3/4 Umatic edit recorder
• VO-9850 3/4 UmaticSP edit recorder
•  TR-700 Hi8 Palm camcorder with Bogen tripob
• Grip, second camera operator, or teleprompter operator available
• Camera 4:  Sharp XC-B10 camera with betacam (Y,R-Y, B-Y) cable
Note:  Sorry, we no longer do commercial underwater video for hire.

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