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 TV Shopper Schedules of Programs


Jacksonville Comcast Channel 7

Jacksonville Comcast Channel 117


Norfolk/Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area

South Westchester, NY (Harrison, Port Chester area)

Yonkers, NY

Ossining/Peekskill, NY

Yorktown Heights

Richmond, VA (Schedule Not Available here)

Look for it in Richmond on Richmond's Comcast channel 7 at 6:30 and 11:30 AM and PM each weekday, M-F.



Samples of 30 second Commercials For:

Communications Industry



Recreational Vehicles

Hearing Aids


Business to Business 


Automobile Sales

Water Sports

Carpet Cleaning


Internet Business



Featured TV Shopper Shows

The following links will deliver a full half hour TV Show as it appears on the TV Shopper Network in selected markets.  These files will load into Windows Media Player just as do the 30 second commercial samples above but due to the length and file size a cable or DSL broadband modem is highly recommended.  Make sure you are using the latest Windows Media Player for best results. For best performance in Windows Media Player, do the following:  In the TOOLS, select Options and then select the Performance tab.  Be sure to allow Windows Media Player to auto detect your modem speed and I recommend buffering at least 15 seconds for a cable modem.  If you see the player catching up to the download speed then you may need to buffer a longer time.  Buffering too long will delay the start of the playing of the show.  You may need to experiment to find the best setting.  You may right click and do a save target as to your hard drive to download this entire video file.  They are approximately 55 - 60 megabytes so it will take some time to download depending on your connection speed. 


ACI Communications- Based in Jacksonville, FL


Quartz Solutions – Based in Gainesville, FL


Dr. Christian Guzman:  Is Botox For You?


Internet Wizards


Turner Ace Superstore– Based in Jacksonville, FL



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"The TV Shopper" is a half hour TV show featuring area businesses.  Allan Matthews, is the host and producer of the show which airs in selected markets up and down the east coast on local cable origination channels such as Jacksonville's WTWN Comcast channel 7 at 9:30PM each week night, and Richmond's Comcast channel 7 at 6:30 and 11:30 AM and PM each weekday.  It can be seen in the NYC and lower Connecticut area on selected channels at various times throughout the day on the Cablevision system in Yonkers, NY and Westchester County, NY, in Gainesville, Florida; and  Norfolk-Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area on the Cox system

Allan Matthews'  TV Shopper makes it possible for small businesses to receive up to a half hour of TV exposure for informing the viewing public about the business's products and services at an affordable cost. Allan Matthews, a veteran of radio and TV broadcasting, finds the deals, finds the most unique products, finds the bargains and makes these known to the viewer through his unique eclectic style tailored to each client,  product or service.

Scuba Tech Inc. Video Productions is the TV production facility used by MediaMan Productions, Ltd. to bring  TV Shopper into these area businesses as field TV productions. With this style the show can bring you, the viewer, into intimate contact with these businesses for a real show and tell treat unlike any 30 second commercial or quickie studio interview or even those highly scripted staged infomercials.  With Allan, you never know what surprise just waits as he introduces some of the community's most fascinating American Business Heroes™ of The TV Shopper.

Each month, Allan will present a series of on location shows of such businesses as an ostrich and Emu ranch, wholesale outlets, computer stores, divorce-bankruptcy and workers compensation attorneys, plastic surgeons, auto dealerships, and auto repair technicians, mortgage brokers, restaurant tours, dance- fitness-and martial arts centers, tool rental facilities, home improvement contractors and specialty suppliers and furniture stores, and the list just keeps on expanding each month.   Each show is in a rotation with others in a given market and are repeated for several weeks or as long as our American Business Heroes™ desire to be on the air with us.  Allan Matthews' TV Shopper is one of the most economical ways for small businesses to gain tremendous community exposure for its products and services.

If you would like to contact us about the show, or to have Allan contact you about being on the show or becoming a business sponsor, send us an E-mail

Allan Matthews and a few of the TV Shopper clients

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