Video Cave Maps™

Cover of Peacock Video Cave Map™

The Video Cave Map™ Format is a feature length video showing the full view of the underwater cave in all it's splendor. A map of the cave is superimposed over the video scene and a locator dot is positioned so that it shows the location of the camera within the cave. Additionally, a time counter is located in the upper right hand corner of the scene to facilitate rapid indexing of the video. A hard copy index comes with each video packaged in a durable plastic case.

NEW!Video Cave Map™ Introduction: Video and and WAV files

Currently, there are 8 volumes of videos published on the following caves in north central Florida, USA.

Each video has full professional production quality and has a narration, music and live sound in HIFI stereo recorded to VHS. NTSC format available, only.


If you would like to purchase any of these underwater video reference series on the caves of north Florida please E-mail your order to:; or, FAX to (904) 733-6146. All shipments are sent via UPS ground. We will confirm all orders via fax or e-mail.

All videos are $19.95 each plus $4.00 shipping and handling. Florida State Residents add $1.30 for sales tax. Note:shipping and handling charges will cover up to 3 tapes per shipment!

NEW!We accept on phone or e-mail ordersNEW!

Please send your card #, expiration date, and name as it appears on your card, and ship to address with street (no PO Box #) city state and zip code. Your address MUST be the same as the billing address for your charge card. All orders will be discarded with incomplete information.

Be sure to visit mant of the Dive Stores and Camping Resorts in the North Florida Cave Diving Country. You may purchase our Video Cave Maps while visiting these locations. Video Cave Maps are carried at the following locations:


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