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Multimedia files located here are intended for the true crazy cave diver who just can't get enough of underwater caves. By way of this web page I will be making available some interesting multimedia clips from the Video Cave Map series. WARNING! These files are somewhat huge. If you don't have at least a 28800 baud connect the download time could get expensive. Also, you will need Video for Windows to play the AVI file format. You will also need a sound board capable of playing the WAV file format. These files will actually contain some useful information. They are not little clips of video put here just as a novelty!

A Warning to Open Water Divers:

Cave Diving is very dangerous! It is very easy to dive into an underwater cave. It is much more difficult to safely exit the underwater cave. Many open water divers and instructors have died attempting to exit these caves without formal cave diving training and proper equipment. Cave diving activities shown in these AVI files and pictures were all performed by highly experienced and formally trained cave divers. DO NOT attempt this activity without proper training, experience, and equipment.

This Vivo Video is an excerpt from the Little River Cave Part 1 video released in June of 1995. If you have an earlier version of this video you need to order the newest release. The file runs for 52 seconds and explains what Video Cave Maps™ are all about with actual video from the Little River Cave.

Video Cave Map™ Introduction (sound only) wav sound track from the above Video


I am planning to have more of these multimedia files here but I need your comments. E-mail your comments; what you would like to see; what you would like to hear.

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Don Landis