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Hi! My name is Don Landis. I've been scuba diving since 1970 and a PADI Master instructor since 1983. My favorite diving activities are Cave Diving and Wreck Diving.

I also enjoy Underwater Photography and Videography. I own and operate a video production company,Scuba Tech Inc., that, among other things produces a line of underwater videos with a unique format, I call, Video Cave Maps™ and Video Wreck Maps™.

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Image is Diver Don shooting a TV commercial™
These three photos were taken by a news photographer during an underwater shoot of a TV infomercial for bass fishing lures. The site is at Silver Springs, FL. Don Landis was the first non Silver Springs staff diver to dive the head spring and Silver Springs Cave since the filming of Thunderball, a James Bond series. This site is closed to public diving but available by special permission for commercial film production. You can visit the location in central Florida. See the head spring and cavern from a glass bottom boat ride. Lots of huge aligators in natural environment.

The name of my video production company is SCUBA TECH INC. and have been in business since 1985. I shoot underwater with a Sony TR-700 in a custom designed housing. I use twin 180 watt lights mounted with the camera. I also have two 250 watt underwater lights and a 350 watt lantern style that is convertible to a back pack mount. I custom designed all my lights to have a burn time of 40 minutes using nicad "F" cells. I use a variety of lights on each video dive depending on the dive's environment. My video editing is done with commercial video equipment using A/B roll betacam SP as the base format. I use an EVO-9800 Hi8 feeder deck as well. My editor is a FAST Video Machine. Additionally, I do TV commercials, industrial videos and 3D animation.

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